Dedicated to finding lost and missing persons using specially trained search dogs in partnership with local emergency agencies


Emergency Call Out Information

for Law Enforcement and Public Safety Agencies


SCSARDA is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization.
We do not charge anything for our services.


Please consider making a donation to help support our search and rescue missions


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South Carolina Search and Rescue Dog Association

Team Member Profiles

SCSARDA members come from many professional
backgrounds which add great diversity and skill sets to
our team. Our team members are highly trained volunteers
who are dedicated to serving the
community. Members
maintain high standards of excellence in Search and Rescue
work through on-going training and certifications.



Maria Pellegrino


Maria is the current President and Treasurer of SCSARDA, and a founding member.  She first began training a SAR dog in 1995, and in 2001 began SCSARDA with a fellow paramedic.  

Maria has a 20 year career as a paramedic and maintains her certification (NREMT-P). 

She also has EMS supervisory experience. Her EMS experience includes 9 years on a dive rescue team, and she also worked for air medical helicopter services during her career. 

Maria is currently working as a certified registered nurse anesthetist. 

Her passion is for excellence in volunteer SAR team training and deployment. 

Maria holds a NASAR SAR II certification.



Sotet -   NASAR Certified Air Scent -   In Memory

Fenja -   NAPWDA Certified Cadaver -  In Memory

Duke   - NAPWDA Certified Cadaver -  In Memory

Zoey -   In training, trailing

Ralph - In training, cadaver


Mitch Henderson

Mitch joined SCSARDA in 2012. He is the Vice President of SCSARDA.  He is a certified first responder as a volunteer fireman with Boiling Spring Fire Department. In addition, Mitch has his NASAR SAR II certification. He is an avid outdoorsman and runner. 

Remington--Team Certified Aged Trail & - NAPWDA Certified Trailing
Penny--In training, cadaver


Nancy Jocoy

Nancy is the current Secretary of SCSARDA. She joined SCSARDA in 2003, and is employed
as a certified quality engineer for a large non profit organization. Nancy's current training
goals are to continue to develop expertise in the field of human remains detection with Beau,
certify Tilly in trailing, and serve as a backup at the Incident Command for mapping and
planning activities when needed. In the past.. Nancy holds a NASAR SAR II Certification



Cyra    -Air Scent - In Memory

Grim -  NAPWDA Certified Cadaver - In Memory

Beau - NAPWDA Certified Cadaver

Tilly  -  In training, trailing







Sarah Hey


Sarah came to SCSARDA in 2009. She has a BA in Speech with a minor in writing, and a Masters
degree in Communication with a concentrate in marketing.  She has worked in marketing
strategy, communication, project management, speech coaching, and public relations for the
past 15 years. She brings her skills to SCSARDA and has been responsible for most of the
outreach and communication with the press about SCSARDA activities and accomplishments. 
She continues to pursue expertise in area search training with her K9 Brand.



Brand - Team Certified Large Area Air Scent, Team Certified Night Air Scent,

              NAPWDA Certified Air Scent




Marion Tisdale


Marion joined SCSARDA in 2013. After graduating from Clemson University in 1987, Marion
returned to Spartanburg to work in small business. He and his wife, Elizabeth, have 2
daughters, Catherine Eve and Ashley. As a small business owner, Marion always saw the
importance of volunteerism and community involvement. From 2007-2012, he served on the
Board of Directors for HALTER, a local nonprofit that provides therapeutic horseback riding
to the handicapped.....Combining the unique skills of animals with community service is a very
fulfilling endeavor, and I have been very fortunate to have found two organizations whose
membership has been so welcoming and generous with their knowledge.

Marion holds a NASAR SAR II certification and a PADI open water scuba certification.


Maya -  Team Certified Large Area Air Scent, Team Certified Night Air Scent,

              NAPWDA Certified Air Scent